Psion HC 100, 110 and 120 Models

Release Date
80C86 16-bit; clock speed 3.84 MHz
Internal Flash
256k for operating system
Internal Ram
128k - 1024k CMOS static
Hc 110 - 128k and 256k, Hc 120 - 512k
NiCad 600mAh rechargeable battery pack
53 key Alphanumeric layout; 31 key numeric and function key layout (optional); custom keyboard capability
Solid State Disks (SSDs) up to 8Mb each, RS232, Radio Frequency, Printer, Parallel, Laser Scanner plus many others.
On models 120al, nl and 110al
7.87" x 3.15" x 1.38"
19 oz including battery
Black and white retardation film backlit LCD; 160x80 (32 characters X 9 lines)

Operation: 0°C with 60°C

Storage: -20°C with 70°C

Weather Proofing
Splashproof and dustproof
Drop Resistance
Multiple 3-foot drops onto concrete, any axis


The Psion HC helps your business keep its competitive edge, allowing you to service your customers better and faster. Psion has installed over 1.5 million handheld computers around the world, closing the gap between your front line workers and Management Information Systems in the office. The HC offers unmatched hardware and software performance, ease of use, and integration into existing
computer systems

With its powerful Multi-tasking Operating System allows applications to be responsive to multiple simultaneous events, such as operator keyboard input, barcode scanning, printing, and communications Applications can make use of charts, maps, and diagrams as well as a variety of font types and sizes for visual emphasis.. The HC is also designed to take the tough daily punishment that comes with field computing; it's splashproof, dustproof, and can withstand 3 foot drops onto concrete.

Operating System
EPOC16 Operating System featuring pre-emptive multi-tasking, and DOS-like command line processor.
Filing System
MS-DOS compatible formats and directory structure
Built-in comms features include XMODEM and YMODEM protocols and Psion Link as standard. Optional internal expansion module; full serial RS232 9 pin DIN socket; parallel 25 pin D type socket
Windows PC-based Integrated Development Environment for OPL language; further Software Development Kits (SDKs) are available for OPL and C; specialist communications and data related SDKs are also available

The HC Docking Station offers secure storage and ease of use for the HC Range computers. Communications with the HC computer, as well as recharging, is done via the rugged Low Insertion Force (LIF) connector on the bottom of the HC computer, and matching contacts on the cradle itself.The Docking Station incorporates a security lock to ensure that the HC is held firmly. A specially designed holster guarantees easy insertion and removal. The LIF pins are designed for reliable connections, even in vehicle-mounted applications.The cradle requires that a special version interface, equipped with the LIF connector, be installed on the HC. Versions are available for:

RS232 and LIF
Bar Code and LIF
RS232 TTL and LIF
The cradle can be supplied in either a Trickle Charge or Fast Charge version. Each version requires its own type of AC Power Adapter, available separately.

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