George Dagger
Birth:  1879 famous Image
Death:  14 October 1950
Age at Death:  71
Occupation:  MP
The history of George Dagger can be found in the University of Swansea within the aptly named room George Dagger.

Dagger was born in Cwmbran during 1879 to Jesse and Elizabeth; his parents moved the local district of Abertilliery so that a position could be taken up with in the local coal mine. George like his father started to work for the coal industry in the mines at the tender age of twelve where was employed to work under ground to pull coal.

Four years later he worked in the Vivian mines and was the ideal place for him to get involved in Trade Union affairs, later at the age of 32 he obtained a place Central Labour College where he studied for three years and returned back to the coal industry in 1915 and married his wife Rachael Smith (a Dress maker).

In 1919 dagger was elected as a member of the Abertilliery council where he was able to not afraid to show or express his personal opinions.

In 1921 he was appointed the as the western Monmouthshire valleys miners agent and later became an executive member of the south Wales miners federation. Later he became a member of parliament in 1929, but it was during this period he started to lecture many students who went on join many prestigious schools of education including Oxford and the central labour Collage.

Dagger was a member of many committees during 1942 1944 including the labour party and the turner select committee investigating mining subsidence.

Dagger died On 14 October 1950