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Psion Vu-3d

VU-3D is a sophisticated three-dimensional design and display program. Using simple commands, the user may create a solid object or set of objects in three- dimensional space, observe, modify, print and store such displays. Of course on a television screen, just like the retina of the eye, only a two-dimensional representation or image of the three-dimensional world can be portrayed. As people we get a sense of the three-dimensionality of the world by moving around and looking at objects from different directions. VU-3D portrays the three- dimensional world of its data structure, like a software camera, in exactly the same way as the eve observes the three-dimensional world. And, just like an individual can walk round an object and look at it from, far and near and from different directions, so VU-3D includes commands to allow you, the user, to move round the object and look at it from different distances and directions. In this way, we can design a solid object and obtain a sense of its reality in the three-dimensional world. After loading VU-3D from cassette, the user is asked if he wishes to create a new design or set of objects. or whether he wishes to load a data file from cassette. If this is the first time you have used VU-3D, press the option "1".

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