Was a software cassette from Psion which was included in all orders of the Spectrum from 1982. It consists of a series of programs that will help the beginner master the their machine. When it was thought to be is a welcome companion to the manuals.

The A Side

The programs on side A include a description of the hardware architecture of the Spectrum, a keyboard trainer which explains the various functions and takes the learner around the keyboard, and a dictionary of the keywords on the keyboard. The dictionary is particularly useful to the beginner who is just learning about the version of Basic used on the Spectrum, pressing any key on which brings up the definition of the corresponding keyword on to the screen. Side B includes several games, a program to design graphics characters and a program which is used to draw high-resolution graphics pictures.

The B Side

The games on side B are very colourful and use user-definable and high-resolution graphics wherever possible. There is a good version of Breakout, which is very addictive. Also included on side B are a sophisticated version of Life, a Bubblesort, Evolution (or foxes and rabbits), Life, Draw, Waves, Charter generator and Monte Carlo. The presentation cassette is very good. It should keep Spectrum users happy for hours.

Horizon Screen Shot

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B Side

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19 July 1997

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