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File Size Date Description
5metro12 106kb 10/04/98 metro routefinder (paris, in french)
s5ancien 32kb 17/09/97 prehistoric and ancient overlays for psi-mapper/gb
Afrikans-English 103kb 22/11/04 Afrikaans - English dictionary for - esdict-1.7.8
agps21 - Sibo 37kb 24/04/97 gps add-on for autoroute/automap to convert into moving-map
arov9702 - Sibo 12kb 20/03/97 amateur radio overlays for psi-mapper/gb
arovs597 13kb 18/08/97 amateur radio overlays for psi-mapper/gb
Berlitz 249kb 06/06/01 a phrase book - in this case for translating common words
Berlitz icon 97kb 14/03/05 colour icon for Berlitz Phrase Book
Berlitz icon 13kb 06/02/05 revo icon
c5metro20-1  79kb 31/07/98 french-language paris public transport route-finder (part 1)
c5metro20-2  102kb 31/07/98 french-language paris public transport route-finder (part 2)
cmetro12gb 106kb 31/07/98 english-language (earlier) version of cmetro app above
codriver 242kb 29/02/00 talking gps addon for commercial route planner & streetplanner
codriverger 265kb 21/05/99 talking gps addon for commercial route planner (german version)
compass 36kb 07/02/01 sun-alignment compass utility
comradio - Sibo 7kb 24/11/96 extra overlays for psi-mapper detailing commercial radio stations
Conjugue 100kb 21/08/01 program for conjugating French verbs into the most common tenses
ConvertPro 69kb 25/06/00 an extensible conversions program for all EPOC machines
datmap20 - Sibo 67kb 23/06/99 map annotating utility
Dic files 844kb 29/09/98 collection of Dictionary files for use with the above application
Danish-English 81kb 22/11/04 Danish - English dictionary - esdict-1.7.8
Dutch-English 408kb 22/11/04 Dutch - English dictionary - esdict-1.7.8
esdict-1.7.8 207kb 17/03/06 A multifunctional dictionary viewer
English Dic 1.2mb 06/07/05 collection of English idioms / expressions - esdict-1.7.8
English Dic 7.1mb 06/07/05 definitive English dictionary - esdict-1.7.8
English Dic 623kb 06/07/05 New words English dictionary - esdict-1.7.8
English Dic 2.7mb 06/07/05 English dictionary of Thesaurus - esdict-1.7.8
English-Spanish 475kb 12/07/05 English - Spanish dictionary - esdict-1.7.8
Finnish-English 65kb 22/11/04 Finnish - English dictionary - esdict-1.7.8
French-English 790kb 22/11/04 French-English dictionary - esdict-1.7.8
garps24e - Sibo 39kb 09/06/99 garmin gps to psion connection suite (english)
garps24f - Sibo 43kb 09/06/99 garmin gps to psion connection suite (french)
garpsi5 69kb 30/05/99 garmin gps to psion connection suite (english and french)
geo201 306kb 07/09/98 geodis mapping system with basic maps of switzerland and other countries
gpsclip 34kb 14/06/03 places name info from a gps onto the epoc clipboard
Ger - English 2.5mb 22/11/04 German - English dictionary - esdict-1.7.8
Hung - English 3.7mb 22/11/04 Hungarian - English dictionary - esdict-1.7.8
Latin - English 144kb 22/11/04 Latin - English dictionary - esdict-1.7.8
Ita - English 310kb 22/11/04 Italian - English dictionary - esdict-1.7.8
locations 22kb 01/06/04 locations coordinate tranformer (lat/long/os grid, etc.)
map3gb60 - Sibo 358kb 14/09/98 Great britain psi-mapper program, data, overlays, town plans etc.
mapf11 - Sibo 99kb 22/04/97 psi-mapper/france mapping system (in french, includes france, belgium, lux)
mapfplus- Sibo 56kb 26/03/97 plus pack of extra info for psi-mapper/france
mapi20- Sibo 113kb 08/07/97 psi-mapper/ireland - towns, roads, railways, peaks, airports and much more
mapl22- Sibo 125kb 18/09/97 psi-mapper/london mapping system for greater london
m5logger 15kb 28/11/97 business/personal milage log
map5gb61 321kb 30/05/99 psi-mapper/gb mapping system for great britain. towns, roads, overlays, codes etc.
map5ir22 98kb 30/05/99 psi-mapper/ireland mapping system
map5lo31 126kb 30/05/99 psi-mapper/london mapping system for greater london. places, roads, overlays.
Makeover 20kb 25/09/01 a DOS command-line program for generating overlay files from text file v1.2
Makeover 16kb 25/11/97 for generating overlay files for Palmtop's Route (Enroute) and Street Planner
MyCar 32kb 01/03/98 a fuel monitoring program giving data about your fuel consumption etc
Norw - English 174kb 22/11/04 Norwegian - English dictionary - esdict-1.7.8
psitrex 29kb 02/09/02 psitrex: psion-etrex gps integration
roadtrip- Sibo 318kb 28/02/00 road trip journey aid, with digital sound
radinfo 22kb 17/09/97 radio stations/transmitters & tourist info centres across psi-mapper/gb
realmaps 984kb 10/10/03 mapping/gps utility, overlaying position on scanned-in maps (includes wins Ver)
rm-chan 35kb 09/11/98 sample map for use with realmaps above
Portug - English 131kb 22/11/04 Portuguese - English dictionary - esdict-1.7.8
Spa - English 542kb 22/11/04 Spanish - English dictionary - esdict-1.7.8
Swa - English 21kb 22/11/04 Swahili - English dictionary - esdict-1.7.8
Swed - English 705kb 22/11/04 Swedish - English dictionary - esdict-1.7.8
Safeplace 61kb 16/12/99 a secure database application for storing all your PIN numbers
subw1a- Sibo 25kb 01/01/97 london underground route-finder
tuberoute 1mb 28/04/05 tube route-finding system
Trainer 80kb 01/04/00 a vocabulary training program
vwatlas 943kb 02/09/02 vwatlas world mapping system, with gps support
XChange 6kb 04/09/97 a universal currency converter for the Psion

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