Other Sibo Files

File Size Date Description
2s3icos 27kb 06/05/93 A Few Psion Icons For Windows
3-Across 19kb 12/11/92 S3 Crossword Generator
3acompend 74kb 04/08/96 Compendium Of Shareware Games
3atetr15 79kb 02/09/95 3a Tetris Clone + Tournament Prizes
3dmaze 22kb 15/08/94 Rather Crippled Shareware Maze Game
3dos21 27kb 01/09/92 Dos Command Line For S3
3dpic 22kb 03/02/94 3-D Picture
3t_4e 25kb 02/04/95 File Manager That Runs On A S3
3uscript 42kb 16/02/96 Scripts For Use With Readcis
Aahotel 347kb 07/05/98 Aa Hotel Guide
Abbrev 27kb 14/11/96 Medical Abbreviations
Account 27kb 21/04/94 Bank Account Program
Accts1_3 31kb 09/06/93 S3 Bank Account Program
Accts97 100kb 22/06/97 Bank Accounts Management Program
Adbk31f 94kb 02/10/96 Address Book With Variable Volume Dialing
Addon 16kb 12/07/95 Small Add On For Custom Functions In Con3a
Advent 162kb 11/02/97 Extra Text Adventures In Infocom Format
Agendax 16kb 10/02/92 Fixes Bug In S3 Agenda
Agnfilt 19kb 03/07/94 S3 Agenda Super-Tidy Function
Agnmerge 33kb 20/01/97 Merges Two Agendas Intelligently
Ahhh1 4kb 17/08/94 Verbal Interjection! Sound Sample #1
Ahhhhh 13kb 17/08/94 Verbal Interjection! Sound Sample #2
Ahoo 11kb 17/08/94 Manic laughter? sound sample
Aindnt31 28kb 04/10/93 Dos Auto-Indenter Of Opl Code
Ainfo 20kb 29/05/93 Bank Account Info Logger
Airnav 18kb 09/05/95 Sheet To Help Navigate Flight Sims
Airpor.Dbf 4kb 23/02/95 Database Of World Airports
Alarmfix 20kb 07/01/97 Agenda Add-On To Fix Potential Alarm Bug
Alert1 7kb 06/01/95 Star Trek TNG Red Alert sound sample
Alias1 18kb 16/03/92 S3 Alias List Creator
Amincp18.Lha         131kb 08/11/95 Series 3 Link For Amiga Computers
Amirprnt 31kb 05/02/95 Print Through Serial To Amiga Printer
Amort 17kb 01/07/92 Amortization Example Spr
Amradio 25kb 03/05/94 Amateur Radio Utilities
Anaesth 38kb 16/01/95 Anaesthetist's Log-Book?
Ancient 41kb 08/06/96 Ancient Britain Overlays For Mapper/Gb
Animal15 61kb 03/11/96 Novelty Animal Noises And Pictures
Animat12 73kb 14/06/95 Animation System
Animat3a 76kb 22/09/06 Picture Animations
Anlyv101 38kb 01/02/98 Analyser Experiment Stats Calculation
Anthems 67kb 19/06/95 Tune Files For The Musipoc Program
Apass100 19kb 13/02/95 Password Protection For Acorn Pocketbooks
Aphone 18kb 20/06/94 Control Your Answerphone From Your Psion
Apworld 452kb 11/07/97 Huge 1.2mb Database Of World Airports
Archimed 15kb 22/04/94 Hints On Connecting Archimedes To A Psion
Aroma 19kb 22/12/96 Aromatherapy Database
Artillry 18kb 01/08/93 S3 - Artillery Shooting Game
Asbico 23kb 27/08/92 Ascii To Binary And Vice-Vera
Asc260f 23kb 26/06/97 Ascii Character Viewer
Asciitab 16kb 18/06/94 Simple Ascii Displayer
Asctext 20kb 15/08/98 Yet Another Ascii Displayer
Astro3a 36kb 04/11/93 (Unfinished) Astronomy Program
Astro97c 21kb 01/01/97 1997 Astronomical Events
Aswarm 21kb 20/07/92 S3 - Space Invaders
Atmos10 23kb 02/01/99 Atmospheric Calculations
Attack 20kb 24/03/96 3d Space Attack Game
Aukt 20kb 03/07/97 Cycling Tour Calculator
Avespeed 20kb 16/07/95 Utility To Monitor Average Speed Etc
Babble     Create Impressive Nonsense-Speak!
Backup     Backup/Restore For Non-Pc Users
Balders     8 Level Demo Of Balders Commercial Game
Bangko     Bangkok Dice Gambling Game
Bank843     Original S3 Version Of Bank Etc
Bankdemo     Cut-Down Demo Of Banker
Bankmr12     Bank Account Manager
Barcodes     Display And Print Bar Codes
Basecalc     4-Bases-At-A-Time Calculator
Batchk13     Pretty Battery Checker
Battery     Simple Battery Checker
Batterys     Simple Siena Battery Checker
Bcyclone     Backup-Aid To Cyclone
Bdcalc     Bearing/Distance Calculator (From Lat/Long)
Beam2     Sci-Fi Sound Effect Sound Sample
Beamin2     St Tng Sound Effect Sample
Beamv1     Communicate Via Speakers/Mics
Beatiful     Lady Saying "Beautiful" Sound Sample
Bells!!!     Bell Ringing Analysis/Utilities
Bible     Bible Text Database
Bigboom     Big Explosion Sound Sample
Bigtime3     Large Fonted Clock
Bill2     Bill-Paying Calculator
Billmate     Calculate Bill Given Hours/Parts
Bingocll     Bingo Caller, Using Sound
Bio11     Biorhythms Calculator
Biostuff     Small Biorhythm Type Utilities
Birdlist     Spreadsheet Detailing Uk Birds
Bismarck     Card Solitaire Game
Bistro3p     Calculate Restaurant Bill
Bj600drv     Bj600 Printer Driver, Colour Extensions
Blitz     Bombing Arcade Game
Blitz20     The Bombing Continues
Bljak101     Blackjack Game
Boing     Boooiinnngg! Sound Sample
Bom107     S3 - Shareware Puzzle/Adventure Game
Bomz-Lev     Extra Levels For The Commercial Bomz Game
Bond     The Bond Theme Tune Sound Sample
Bookit     Simple Business Book-Keeping & Control
Books12     Books Database App.
Boredom     S3 - Ever Get Bored On The Phone?
Bowl11     Ten-Pin Bowling Solitaire Game
Bp3a112f     Bankpro French Bank Account Manager
Brhythm1     S3 Biorhythms Utility
Britrail     1993 British Rail Database
Brkout12     Breakout-Style Game
Brookcad     Simple Modelling/Cad System
Bruckea     Digital Sound Effect Sound Sample
Btcharge     Spreadsheet Of Bt Charge Rates
Bt_Card.Dbf     Bt Charge Card Info
Bulbs     Agenda And Database Of Plant Bulbs
Bunnies     Pacman Style Arcade Game
Buscalc     Some Business Calculations (Roae Etc)
Busda310     Simple Business Database Application
Business     Business Simulation Game
Bye     automatically turns off your Psion, when selected
Cables     Cable Type Calculator (Engineers)
Cacheman     Cache Investigator For Psimail Internet
Calc     Casio Mg660 Emulator?
Calcmods     A Few Useful (If Crude) Calculations
Calcvat     Vat Calculator Utility
Callc153     Shareware Phone Call Coster
Calliope     Hp Image-Printing Facility From S3a Word
Callsman     Service Engineering Logger Application
Capcheck     Cap 371 Calculator
Car     Vehicle Economy Program
Carcost4     S3 Car Running Costs
Carlease     Calculations For Those Leasing Cars
Cashflow     Cashflow Calculator
Catalg10     Pic File Cataloguer
Ccard     Credit Card Number Form Checker
Cconvert     Currency Conversion Utility
Ccv2demo     Callcalc Telephone Call Costing Demo
Cdbase12     Cd Database System
Cdheng12     Docs For Cdbase
Celbat10     Button Cell Battery Database
Celsius     Temperature Converter
Char_Set     Simple Character Set Viewer
Chemdraw     Drawing Utility For Chemical Molecules
Chessc     Simple Chess Clock
Chessclk     Chess Clock App
Chimer     Night-Time Time-Sounder
Chop-Txt     Chop Large Text Files Into Small Ones
Chopper     Helicopter Blade Noise Sound Sample
Chords     Synth Chords Sound Sample
Cinefan2     Demo Of Large Cinema Guide
Classic     Classical Music Database App
Clint     Go Ahead, Make My Day" Sound Sample
Clock     Clock Mechanism And Strike Sound Sample
Clocks     S3 - Simultaneously Show Eight Clocks
Club     Caravan Club Warden Assistant
Cmdp     Psion's Command Processor
Cmdpdoc     Word 4 Windows Docs For Above.
Cmeasy     Continuing Medical Education Program
Cnv21     Modular Conversion Utility
Cnvt2-15     Another Unit Conversion Utility
Co107     Clockout - Macsys Addon For Completing Timesheets
Codat11     A Database Encryption Utility
Codes     Complete Codes List For Bomz,Jumpy
Cofe     Church Of England Festivals In Hol Format
Colleg13     Colleague Employee Extension Database
Compass     Compass Corrections Calculator For Pilots
Compendi     S3 - Games Compendium
Con3a6c1     Shareware Unit Conversion Suite, Multi-Lingual
Conbrow     Conversions Browser (Units/Formulae)
Consien     Large Siena Units Conversion Util.
Conv120     Modular Conversion Utility
Conv3     S3 All-Singing Etc Conversions Util
Conv40a     Shareware Conversion Utility
Convert     Conversions Utility For 3 And 3a
Converte     More Units Conversion
Convertm     Units Conversion And More
Convspr     Scientific Conversion Spreadsheets
Corvette     Set Of Pic Files Of A Corvette
Costsell     Salesman's Aid Utility
Country     Country Comparison Utility
Cpd     Professional Development Tracker
Crcsof11     File Crc Checker
Credchkp     Credit-Card No. Crc Checker
Cribbage     Game Of Cribbage
Crick13     Cricket Scoring Program
Crik13f     Fantasy Cricket Spreadsheet
Croswrd2     Crosswords Creator/Game (Crippled)
Cuckoo     Synth Cuckoo Sound Sample
Cupid     Dating Agency Shareware
Curconv     Currency Convertor
Currency     Currency Convertor
Curses     Infocom-Compatible Adventure Game?
Custlex     Customer Lexicon Database
Cvtagn     S3a To S3 Agenda Converter
Cw195     Crossword Builder
Cw4     S3 Or 3a Morse Code Tutor
Cword     Kmac Macro For Word Counting
Cx11     S3 - A Crissx Puzzle Game
Cycle21     Cycling Enthusiasist's Calculator/Logger
Datafile     Simple Data File Browser/Lister (3a)
Datanae     Dbf To Spr Convertor (English/German)
Datu24     S3a Shareware Data Viewer
Datver6     Database Manipulation Tool For S3 And 3a
Dbasecnv     Dos Dbase To S3 Dbf Converter
Dbf     Dbf File Browser
Dbman11     Simple Database Sorter/Manipulator
Dbsort     S3 - Database Sorter, With Source
Db_Cnn     Cnn Pages (Hotels) (Use With Mobile Pages Viewer)
Db_Exp     Expotel Pages (Hotels) (Use With Mobile Pages Viewer)
Db_Wpc     What Pc? Pages (Computer H/W) (Use With Mobile Pages Viewer)
Decision     S3 Coin-Flipping Decision Maker
Degrad10     Degrees To Radians Convertor
Deldir     Deletes Empty Directories (3a)
Deluxe25     2.0 To 2.5 Upgrade For Data Deluxe
Depress     Marvin Sound Sample
Dftqm20     Amateur Radio Df Utility
Dialer     Super-Dialler App For S3a
Diarycnv     Diary Convertor (Mc-400/Lz/S3)
Ding     A Small Ding Sound Sample
Dirdir1     S3a Directory Listing Utility
Doctor     .Opo Utilities For A Doctor
Dopic     Utils To Convert Sheet .Pics To Postscript
Doses     Anaesthetist's Calculator
Doshido     Ishido With Dominoes Game
Dpbankfr     French-Only Bank Account Manager
Dpbankgr     German-Only Bank Account Manager
Dpic12b     Database System For 35mm Slides
Dpmime31     Mime Decoder
Dr3     Bnf Drugs Database
Draw     Very Basic Paint Program
Draw99     Basic Painting Tool
Dtime105     Divetime Diver's Aid
Draw102a     S3 - Good Painting Program By Rick Andrews
Dtmftest     Samples Dtmf Tones And Analyses
Dung1-4     1-Level Demo Of Dungeons 'Doom-Like' Game
Dvdemo     Cut-Down Demo Of Dataview
Ebooks     Selection Of Compressed Text E-Books From The Net
Eddie     "Hitchhikers" Sound Sample
Eldbase     Database Of Periodic Elements
Electetc     Electrician's And Plumber's Calculations
Elements     Periodic Table Of The Elements
Eliza     Psychiatrist Program
Ellipse     Opl Ellipse-Generating Code
Elvis6     Clone Of The Unix Vi Editor
Emailmac     Macsys Macro To Help Readcix
Emu95     Tips On Launching The 3a Emulator From Win 95
Engruler     Simple On-Screen Ruler
Enumbs     Wrd Files Of Lists Of E Numbers
Euro     Euro Currency Convertor
Euroc10     Euro Currency Convertor
Euroconv     Euro Currency Convertor
Euromap     Example Of Very Basic Map Of France
Eventcnv     Converts Agenda List To Calendar Sheet File
Excellnt     Wayne & Co Saying "Excellent" Sound Sample
Excha     Currency Exchange Program?
Exchange     Another Currency Exchange Program
Expa     Simple Expenses Manager
Expenses     Simple 3a Expenses Manager
Explode     An Explosion Sound Sample
Explode     Minesweeper Game
F11aa     Address Assistant Add-On For F11 System
F11cm     Contact Manager Add-On For F11 System
Fair10     Fairway 1.0 Golf Simulation - S3
Fantasy     Football Fantasia
Faq26     Psion 3a Frequently Asked Questions
Fastbank     Simple Bank Account Manager
Faxit24     Fax Transmission For Use With Fax Modem
Fetchkma     Find And Bring Macro, Needs Kmac
Fformt21     Psion File Formats Documented
Figureit     Loan/Tip/Currency Conversion Utility
Filer30     Shareware File Manager
Fileview     Crippled S3a Hex Editor
Film301     Film Calculator For Camera/Film People
Finder     Task Displayer And Selector
Fishtank     Fish Tank Calculations
Flash     Rather Picky Revision Aid
Flearace     Horse-Racing/Flea-Racing Simulation
Flicker     Improved Animation Launcher (.App)
Flightv5     Flight Time Calculator For Pilots
Flys3     Pilots/Flying Utilities (S3)
Flys3a     Pilots/Flying Utilities
Fmtns43i     Formula Translator
Font173     S3a Font Editor
Fonts1     Loads Of Extra Fonts For 3 And 3a
Food     Database Of Food Constituents (Large)
Foodusda     Usda Nutrient Database
Formfn23     Horse Racing Tips/Analysis Program
Forth129     Implementation Of Forth For 3a
Freeward     Patient Information Manager (Doctors)
French     Dbf Files For French Words And Phrases
Frsol     French Solitaire
Fuelm200     Fuel Monitoring Utility
Funfzehn     Card Solitaire Game
Fvt_0513     Freevt Terminal Emulator (With Opl Code)
Fx07     Strange Effecty Music Sound Sample
Funzip     allows you to unzip ZIP files on your Psion
Gallery     Pic-File Browser
Gamble     Slot Machine Game
Garden     Crippled Shareware Gardening Agenda
Garmedit     Garmin Gps Waypoint Editor
Gauss     Gausss-Principle Matrix Calculations
Gbatt-Fr     French Language Version Of Gbattery
Gc200     Golf Caddie Course/Scoring Database System
Gedfr101     Reader For Standard Gedcom Files
Geni-151     Professional Genealogical System
Geodb     Geographical Database Of Gb (Needs 1.3mb Ssd Space)
Geo06prg     Geodis Mapping System
Geo06ams     Map Of Usa For Geodis System
Geo06ats     Map Of Austria For Geodis System
Geo06des     Map Of Germany For Geodis System
Geo06div     Map Of Europe For Geodis System
Geo06chs     Map Of Switzerland For Geodis System
Geo06gb1     Map Of Gb For Geodis System
Gestate     Obstetric Calculator
Gh     Card Solitaire
Gifview     Gif Viewer
Glass     More Breaking Glass Sound Sample
Glider     S3 Paper Aeroplane Flight Game
Globecs1     3d Rotatable/Zoomable World Globe
Glospsi     Crippled Demo Of A Computer Glossary
Gmtdif     World Clock
Gnav3     Pilot's Navigation Stuff
Gnav3a     Enhanced Pilot's Navigation Stuff
Golfa111     Golf Assistant Scoring System
Gp1light     'Lite' Version Of Gamepak1
Gplot3     S3 Graphing Utility
Gpro10     Freeware Image Editing Tool
Gps_Time     Set Psion Time From Gps Signal
Gpsb0_15     Gps Diagnostic Tool
Grab     S3 Screen Grabber
Grabscrn     Screen Grabbing Aid For S3a
Grandma     Card Solitaire
Graph212     Graph Plotting And Maths Utility
Graphmjb     3-D Surface Plotting Utility
Grep     Text-Search Add-On For Contact Edge
Grfx16     Sprite Graphics System For 'C' Programmers
Griff     A Guitar Riff Sound Sample
Grputils     Group Opos Under Menu
Gtrwhmy     A Guitar Whammy Sound Sample
Guard3a     Alarm Sounds When Power Is Removed
Guitar     Simple Guitarists Aid
Guitwks     Guitar Works. S3 Chord Chart/Tuner/Creativity Tool

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