Psion Siena
Specific Programs

File Size Date Description
3TS_101 8kb 12/02/97 Small file manager
Advisie5 5kb 21/05/99 Financial advisor
Animator 11kb 03/08/99 Simple animation package
Banks114 34kb 06/06/98 BankPlus account manager
Bigsheep 15kb 06/01/99 Utility collection
Bill 11kb 13/09/97 a Financial Package which Calculates whether you can afford a bill
Casetm10 6kb 16/09/98 CaseTimer multiple-timer
Castle2 52kb 24/05/00 Castle RPG game
Colleg20 19kb 12/05/97 Employee extension database
Convert 12kb 23/10/98 Shareware units convertor
Dun22 11kb 11/03/97 Freeware dungeons game
Faxits11 36kb 24/10/98 FaxIt fax-sending suite
Figur125 49kb 05/10/96 Some financial calculations
Fit4lif3 29kb 16/09/96 Fitness for Life. Freeware heart rate measurement, analysis and advice
Ft11b 19kb 28/01/97 Future Trader futures simulation
Golfc201 71kb 17/01/97 GolfCard match logger/analysis
Gmind110 9kb 14/08/99 Mastermind game
Graph 25kb 14/08/99 Graph plotter
Guitar2 96kb 31/08/99 Guitarist's utilities
Jbatt 7kb 09/03/99 Battery monitor utility
Jumpy!Ps 46kb 05/12/98 Jumpy 'Plus' platform arcade game
Jwin152f 37kb 23/10/98 Handy Conversions & Fuel & Date Functions
Lifegui3 13kb 01/04/97 Bible-Based Guide For Life
Lpad215f 19kb 24/10/98 Launch Pad Shareware App Launcher
Maps11 82kb 16/10/96 Mapper-Si/Gb Mapping/Distancing Geographical Information System For Gb
Mast102 6kb 26/09/96 Mastermind game
Monthvus 27kb 05/12/96 Month-At-A-Time Viewer For Agenda
Oasis 28kb 02/10/97 Tribute To Oasis
pac-lamb 12kb 06/07/98 classic 80's game Pacman for Psion organisers.
Pasappsn 16kb 10/12/97 Password System For Data/Agenda Files
Pcollect 11kb 10/09/97 Record Collector's Utility
Ppview 4kb 08/03/99 Small Picture Viewer
Psicon 9kb 05/08/99 Icon Designer
Psidos 9kb 05/08/99 Command Shell
Psion22 20kb 02/01/98 Utility To Intelligently Handle Your Password/Sound/Backlight/Agenda Etc
Psitacsi 34kb 20/10/97 Psitact Contact Manager
Psitris 19kb 03/06/98 Tetris clone
Patsiena 14kb 06/05/98 a game of patience for your Siena
Qalm140f 17 05/06/97 Quick Alarm Settings (Boiled Eggs, Tickets Etc!) - Multi-Lingual
Qbank 8kb 02/05/98 Small Bank Account Manager
Qcalc 30kb 22/11/99 Scientific Calculator/Formula System
Quikn200 25kb 25/11/96 Quick-Note 'Jotter' Type Utility
Relate 22kb 04/11/97 Good Contact/Client Manager
S-Gp12 59kb 14/04/97 Games Compendium Blackjack, Lem, Light Cycles, Robodungeon, Connect4
Sbricks 21kb 27/07/00 Breakout Game
Sdung1-0   24kb 04/01/97 Dungeon Monsters/Adventure Game
Shart10 17kb 12/01/97 Hearts Card Solitaire
sheeptet 38kb 26/07/98 a clone of the classic Atari arcade game, Tetris
Sheepxtr 38kb 09/06/99 Extra Utilities And Games
Shove 3kb 01/04/97 Tile-Swapping Puzzle
Sieirpr 6kb 03/02/97 Siena Infrared Printer Drivers
Siena_Up   16kb 30/10/96 Ultimate Poker Game
Siendicate 19kb 22/11/99 Lottery Syndicate Checker
Snacoll0 40kb 14/10/96 Collection Manager
Snadraw0 63kb 28/01/97 Drawing/Painting, With Example Pictures
Snaexp0 58kb 14/10/96 Expenses Manager
Snahome1 42kb 12/05/97 Home Inventory Manager
Snainv0 39kb 12/05/97 Shares/Portfolios Manager
Sndr112 29kb 18/12/98 Siender Arcade Game
Snfile12 23kb 12/02/97 Large, Comprehensive File Manager
Snafuel2 41kb 03/02/97 Fuel Consumption Monitor
Snaplus 8kb 11/04/97 A utility program
Sngolf10 37kb 31/10/96 Siena Golf Game
Snrail11 123kb 24/01/99 Uk Railway Locomotive Reference
Snread23 23kb 29/04/97 Viewing System For E-Books
Snterm10 10kb 20/12/96 Vt100/Ansi Terminal Emulator
Solpeg22 17kb 22/10/96 Marble-Jumping Game
Spven01 72kb 09/04/99 Space Venture Trading Game
Stb10 19kb 27/03/97 Shut The Box Dice Game
Subway 25kb 15/01/97 Underground Route-Finder
Tictacto 8kb 08/01/99 Tictactoe 'Noughts And Crosses'
Timersi 5kb 28/01/97 Timer/Countdown Utility
Tlist120 5kb 06/06/98 Siena Task List
V2 69kb 22/11/99 Collection Of Applications, Utilities And Games
War_S_12   19kb 09/07/97 War Strategy Game
Xpen110a 37kb 05/12/96 Expenses Management System
Yahtsiena 9kb 22/11/99 Yahtzee
Yahtzee 13kb 10/09/97 Yahtzee Game

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