File Size Date Description
Blowfish opx 8Kb   a freeware package for data encryption based on the blowfish algorithm
Cascade 20Kb   powerful way to get fully cascading menus in your OPL applications
ClipBit opx 24Kb   provides a range of clipboard functions to OPL32 programmers
ClipText opx 24Kb   Provides a range of clipboard functions to OPL32
Epoc Code 152Kb   The OPL source code for EpocToday
FTP opx 19Kb   Allow you to easily add FTP functionality to your OPL applications
Fftp 11Kb   This is a freeware console type ftp program using the opx from X-soft
JpegMbm.opx 52Kb   An opx for converting Jpeg images to EPOC mbm
RC4 in OPL 16Kb   This provides the RC4 algorithm source code for both OPL16 and OPL32.
Symbian opx's 274Kb   all the standard OPX's including the 'Wins' versions and the OHX files
XData opx 4Kb   Increased functionality over the standard data.opx
nDirNav 67Kb   graphically enhanced dialog for directory and file related tasks.
nEdit 37Kb   A solution for Developer's requiring a comprehensive edwin.
nListBox 68Kb   comprises tools for both the creation and management of dynamic string arrays
nMPD 88Kb   nMPD OPX includes EPOC dXXX controls, nListBox OPX and nDirNav OPX
nRSCUtil - C 130Kb   the creation and editing of EPOC resource files on EPOC devices themselves
nRSCUtil 130kb   As above but non-colour machines.
nScrollbar - C 33Kb   nScrollbar.opm is an asynchronous scrollbar solution
nScrollbar - B/W 33Kb   As above but for revo, 5/mx, MC218, etc.

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