Pc Tools

File Size Date Description
3base_uk 125kb 21/10/97 3-base all purpose Windows database conversion tool
aka230 19kb 15/01/95 'Also Known As' OPL code compactor/obfuscator (DOS)
dbfc102 12kb 13/10/93 DOS ASCII to S3 DBF convertor
dbfedit2 166kb 27/04/93 Windows-based DBF editor, including DBF Visual Basic 3 VBX control
dbftxt10 41kb 14/03/94 DOS DBF-to-comma delimited convertor
dslink 1.4mb 28/04/05 Direct link to the Internet through your PC's connection
org56 1.3mb 28/10/04 Patch to let PsiWin sync to latest Lotus Organizer versions
passthru 43kb 11/03/99 Connect a Psion up to the PC's serial port to use a net connection
pcagenda 717kb 17/11/99 Windows 95 Agenda editor for S3 agenda files
pswinregclean 7kb 01/06/04 Registry cleaner to use after de-installation of PsiWin
pssthr32 110kb 11/08/99 32-bit version of the above
picvu10 15kb 31/10/93 View PIC files directly from DOS
presentation 1.5mb 04/01/04 Presentation Maker , for handling PowerPoint via PsiWin and giving shows
psdbview 347kb 21/05/99 Windows 95 Psion S3 database editor/viewer
psio 1.6mb 20/03/03 Windows front-end for various Psion conversion utilities
rec2wav 8kb 02/09/02 Command line EPOC Record to WAV sound converter
s3atran.16 59kb 29/08/94 Latest ZIP of OPL compiler for 3a (DOS)
tomeraidit 157kb 02/09/02 Tomeraidit HTML pre-processor for TomeRaider
tomewin 244kb 20/01/00 Windows reader for the large EPOC TomeRaider files
waveconv 77kb 16/11/93 Converts all WAV files to S3a WVEs (DOS)
winsis 131kb 08/03/99 Front end for MAKESIS tool (Windows)
wrd2txt 14kb 11/07/94 .WRD to .TXT convertor/processor (DOS)
wspcx314 37kb 28/06/94 PCX to PIC conversion and much more
wve2wav 27kb 03/10/94 WVE to WAV conversion utility

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