Neuon Files

File Size Date Description
AlterNet 68kb 07/09/06 a flexible website and email manager you can store all your used mail
Asteroids 55kb 10/03/00 Asteroids is the fast paced EPOC port of the old arcade favourite
Asteroids 25kb 02/03/00 Source code for the above game.
Blobs 117kb 22/02/00 It's not Tetris; it's not Columns; and it's definitely not Chain Reaction. Blobs has elements of all three mixed together
Chain Reaction 155kb 18/11/99 Chain Reaction is a fun strategy game for between 2 and 6 players
Daleks 13kb 31/01/06 Daleks is a simple but infuriatingly addictive arcade strategy game
Doodler 80kb 30/01/06 Doodler is a pen-based jotter for the Psion Series 5
HotKeys 157kb 09/04/00 "HotKeys is a task launcher.
HotKeys 157kb 09/04/00 As above but for colour machines.
Marker 100kb 05/01/06 Marker is a simple freeware utility to make system navigation easier
Matience 112kb 19/03/00 Matience is an implementation of Mah-jongg patience
Merlin - C 169kb 03/04/00 Merlin is an macro compatible, toolbar-driven, application launcher
Merlin - M 162kb 03/04/00 Mono version of above for use on 5/mx/MC218
Merlin 4kb 03/04/00 Plugin: Backlight (Series 7/netBook)
Merlin 4kb 03/04/00 Plugin: Backlight (Series 5/mx/MC218)
Merlin 4kb 03/04/00 Plugin: Caps Lock (Series 7/netBook)
Merlin 3kb 03/04/00 Plugin: Caps Lock (Series 5/mx/MC218)
Merlin 4kb 03/04/00 Plugin: Date & Time (Series 7/netBook)
Merlin 4kb 03/04/00 Plugin: Date & Time (Series 5/mx/MC218)
Merlin 5kb 03/04/00 Plugin: Memory Info (Series 7/netBook)
Merlin 4kb 03/04/00 Plugin: Memory Info (Series 5/mx/MC218)
Merlin 3kb 03/04/00 Plugin: Task List (Series 7/netBook)
Merlin 3kb 03/04/00 Plugin: Task List (Series 5/mx/MC218)
nArchive 75kb 19/11/00 nArchive allows you to compress and restore all of the specific files
nConvert 420kb 02/05/01 is an on-board conversion application for all Symbian platform devices.Colour
nConvert 5kb 02/05/01 Additional graphics plugin for use on all platforms.
nConvert 418kb 02/05/01 As above but mono version for use on 5/mx, revo/+, Mako, Osaris, MC218.
nFTP 65kb 02/05/01 nFTP is Neuon's FTP (File Transfer Protocol) tool, allowing you to transfer files to and from a remote connection, using the standard FTP format. Colour
nFTP 65kb 02/05/01 As above but for Revo, Series 5mx, Series 5, MC218.
nICQ 253kb 18/07/02 nICQ is an EPOC version of ICQ the online instant messaging system. nICQ
Nightkeys 36kb 11/07/00 Nightkeys provides an on-screen, pen-driven, keyboard which allows you to continue using your machine when you cannot see the keyboard
Nightkeys 36kb 11/07/00 As above but for Series 7 / netBook / colour machines.
NoMore 41kb 31/01/00 NNoMore is an application to hide infrequently used applications from the Extras bar to reduce clutter
nOPLPlus 258kb 19/04/00 a project based OPL Developer's editor and OPP.exe, a back-end translator and pre-processor which supports standard EPOC OPL
nOPLPlus 61kb 05/04/00 Key features
nOPLPlus 55kb 18/05/99 An OPP for MS-DOS.
nOPLPlus 180kb 21/12/95 OPP & OPPDBG for SIBO machines (Series 3a etc.)
nOPLPlus 86kb 26/03/99 WINS C standard library, required for nOPL+ WINS edition
nOPLPlus 221kb 19/04/00 WINS REL files.
nOrganiser 133kb 29/08/02 "nOrganiser is the new “Today” style application with a combined view for Agenda To-do items, Email inbox
nRSCUtil - C 130kb 18/09/00 This application facilitates the creation and editing of EPOC resource files on EPOC devices themselves
nRSCUtil 130kb 18/09/00 As above but non-colour machines
nSISUtil 146kb 01/08/00 With nSISUtil you can develop programs entirely on your EPOC machine, without ever having to use a Windows PC
nSwitcher 38kb 02/08/00 nSwitcher displays an icon bar with a button for each running program
nZipUi-Colour 133kb 08/08/01 a 'stable beta' of Neuon's nZip program.
nZipUi 131kb 08/08/01 As above but the monochrome version for mono machines
Q-Calc 112kb 11/06/01 Q-Calc is an advanced scientific calculator with integrated function grapher.
QuikList 49kb 06/07/01 create and modify your lists with the minimum of effort
QuikList 49kb 06/07/01 As above but for revo and mako machines
QuikList 49kb 06/07/01 As above but for 5/mx and MC218.
PacMan 945kb 24/11/00 is an EPOC clone of the original Pacman game
Rally 256kb 23/06/01 Rally is "Micro Machines"™ style gaming for your EPOC device.
Rally 260kb 20/11/01 Rally is "Micro Machines"™ style gaming for your EPOC device.
Recycle 173kb 17/09/99 A Recycle-bin style application for EPOC
Recycle - ER3 32kb 21/04/00 Dual mode operation - select single or multiple files for recycling, PC style recycle features - recycle files or whole
Tile Fall 236kb 08/04/00 Tile Fall is a fun, simple, and very addictive game, in which you attempt to remove a number of coloured tile
ThesLink 27kb 31/01/06 ThesLink is a utility designed to integrate the EPOC word processor
VPM 43kb 15/05/99 with VPM you can replace your PC's mouse, keyboard and use your machine as a graphics tablet
VPM 819kb 18/01/97 The VPM PC program is suitable for Windows 95/98 or NT (although suspect that it will work with 2000 and XP)
Zheroes 512kb 01/03/02 Zheroes is a tactical action game. The goal is to make your own team of soldiers survive
Zheroes 377kb 01/03/02 As above but for monochrome machines.

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