1999 - 2002

File Size Date Description
5creen 25kb 16/10/99 allows screen savers to be added and created easily.
CenoBox 9kb 07/11/99 conbox module
EpocZone 12kb 11/04/06 Funky spinning, trailing logo.
Frac Ink mod 287kb 21/10/99 Fractal: color replacement
Frac Loop mod 51kb 21/10/99 Fractal: infinite mandelbrot
Zoom module 176kb 21/10/99 Fractal: stationary zooming
Hemp! module 73kb 08/07/99 Mesmerising weeds
PsionSaver 51kb 05/10/99 The Psion logo on rotating panels
PsionSaver 51kb 09/05/06 module (Coloured)
Pulse&Slide 7kb 13/11/99 Rendered EPOC logo in motion
ShapeFX 3kb 11/04/06 Various screen doodles
Spots 1kb 20/04/06 No, you're not seeing spots!
Squarez 2kb 11/04/06 Funky squares make you stare!
Sticks 1kb 11/04/06 Bi-color (greyscale) sticks fill your screen.
WARP 2kb 11/04/06 Starfield simulation.
5outhpark 353kb 12/10/99 one of the 'park characters will show their face and hurl verbal abuse at you!
5talk 169kb 22/08/99 talking clock for the Series 5.
Swaph 116kb 15/06/99 The Song Writer's And Poet's Handbook

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