Revo Game

File Size Date Description
asteroids 56kb 13/09/99 arcade game, with rotating spaceship lots of rocks
atomic20 38kb 29/10/99 tetris clone
chainreaction 50kb 18/11/99 exploding bomb puzzle game
devender 71kb 21/10/99 devender arcade classic, plus extra set of authentic arcade sounds
fairway30 157kb 28/10/99 the famous shareware golf simulation
golfcr03 76kb 15/12/99 golf card and analyst
golfpro 329kb 13/08/02 golf pro arcade golf game
mahjongg 42kb 27/01/01 mah jongg for the revo
millesbournes 93kb 28/03/00 The brilliant milles bournes strategy game
montana 56kb 11/05/01 card solitaire
pacman 377kb 13/07/00 the famous arcade game
pitstop 411kb 23/04/01 grand prix strategy game/simulation
revopoker 57kb 17/07/01 video poker against the clock
rmrrevertris 258kb 22/09/00 tile-placing strategy game based on tetris tiles
Rv-pjon 118kb 24/05/00 psi-jong puzzle/strategy
Rv-war 139kb 27/04/00 The 2-dimensional war strategy game
smuggers 168kb 15/09/02 maze arcade game
terraforce 158kb 06/04/03 1-st person tank arcade/strategy game
tilefall 97kb 08/04/00 Tile-Fall strategy game

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