Psion epoc games and others type items
Series 5 and 5mx, plus compatibles such as the Ericsson MC218

File Size Date Description
Lost In 3d 9kb 29/02/00 Labyrinth-style game
Aaahh 59kb 17/12/97 Aaahh is a 'sliding squares' puzzle Designed to run on a 5/mx, S7/nB. v2.21
adder 82kb 29/02/00 Snake arcade game
Advent 4d 38kb 05/10/98 Adventures in 4 dimensions!
Atomic14 62kb 14/03/98 Tetris arcade game
Aweleeng 17kb 16/09/98 Awele strategy game
BackGammon 205kb 30/04/05 Purple Software's Backgammon enables you to play on the revo, S5/mx, S7/Nb
BkGammons7laf 246kb 02/06/05 Backgammon colour graphics plug in for the Psion Series 7/netBook.
Ballon 54kb 17/11/99 a game in which the player tries to smash balloons by having a pierrot jump
Beat This 6kb 12/11/98 Simple memory game
Bj5v101 88kb 04/12/98 Blackjack for up to 6 players against the computer
Blobs 118kb 22/02/00 Tetris-like arcade game
Break out 8kb 10/09/97 Arcade game
Broker 47kb 18/01/04 (Actionnaire) stocks and shares trading game
CastleIII 244kb 27/09/00 Graphical adventure game
CastleIII 190kb 13/9/00 Graphical adventure game for the Psion 7 / nb
Caterpillar 11kb 12/11/99 Ever-growing snake game
Chainreaction 52kb 20/01/00 Chain Reaction strategy game
Chainreaction 7 55kb 18/09/99 strategy Exploding bomb puzzle game game for the Psion 7 / nb
Checkers 159kb 30/04/05 Purple Software Checkers(or Draughts) is the classic strategy board game v2.00F
Checkerss7laf 306kb 30/04/05 Checkers colour graphics plug in for Psion Series 7/netBook
Chess 59kb 30/04/05 Purple Software's award winning Chess is a stimulating and challenging game for revo, S5/mx, S7/nB. v1.06
Chess103 139kb 22/07/98 earlier version of Purple's Chess. v1.06 of Chess made the program revo-compatible but seems to have lost the 3D view.
Chinese Chess 214kb 30/04/05 Purple Software’s Chinese Chess
Clmn_100 42kb 30/04/98 Columns game
Clockp 28kb 05/04/99 Clock patience
Clueless 28kb 07/03/99 Clueless is a freeware crossword program capable of importing and running standard crossword format files.
Cnquk134 91kb 08/03/99 Conquete 'RISK' clone
Coffee 274kb 27/07/00 Card solitaire
Connect 3kb 30/07/97 Connect4/Reversi variant game
Conqfr13 90kb 08/03/99 Conquete 'RISK' clone (french version)
Crazyleo 14kb 16/11/00 Crazy Leo stock trading game
Cricketstats 15kb 12/01/99 Cricket-scoring/stats system
Crusade To The Stars 191kb 17/02/06 like War In Ancient Times and Battle Of The Mages, but is set in space.
Cword 69kb 18/10/01 Crossword system
Darkhorizon 282kb 24/05/00 Space strategy game
Darkhorizon 7 282kb 24/05/00 Space strategy game for the Psion 7 / nb
Devender 71kb 15/11/99 Devender arcade classic, plus extra set of authentic arcade sounds
Demolition 40kb 31/05/99 Breakout clone
Dinozone 7 189kb 21/12/00 80 hungry Dinosaurs, 6 difficulty settings, with high quality animated colour graphics
Dices5 54kb 27/02/03 Good Yahtzee clone
Dopewars 7 38kb 10/04/01 The classic seedy strategy game
Enboggle 31kb 16/05/98 Boggle word game
Enfinality 22kb 27/07/98 Simple box-removing game
Encore 282kb 24/10/97 A first 1st-person perspective shoot-em-up clone the EPOC platform.
Enigma 57kb 30/04/05 Essentially Mastermind re-worked
EpocBaby 255kb 20/07/99 Dancing Baby
Exodus 80kb 30/03/00 Space Exodus is a space adventure platform game
Exodus_Revo 70kb 18/02/00 Same as above but for the revo
FC5 34kb 19/07/98 FreeCell card solitaire
Finality 59kb 07/02/01 Logic game
FlipFlop 119kb 14/05/00 FlipFlop is a card solitaire type game played with a standard pack of fifty-two cards
FourInALine 168kb 30/05/00 Four In A Line is the perfect game for those who look for a quick five-minute
FourInALine7laf 196kb 30/04/05 Four In A Line colour graphics plug in for Psion Series 7/netBook.
Fract5 5kb 20/04/99 Fractal generator
Fred 9kb 17/01/99 Virtual pet novelty
Frotzs5 51kb 20/12/99 Infocom adventure player
Fruit mx 129kb 21/05/00 Slot machine game (S5mx version)
Fruit S5 129kb 25/25/00 Slot machine game (Series 5 version)
Fruit S7 129kb 25/25/00 Slot machine game (Series 7 version)
Golfpro 7 156kb 13/8/02 Brilliant Golf Pro puzzle game
Gameinf5 6kb 27/07/98 Game cheats and codes database
Gemtile 168kb 22/10/99 fun in your Epoc PDA with easy to play - but hard to master - puzzle sets.
Gomoku 170kb 30/04/05 Purple Softwares ancient game of Gomoku, for the revo, S5/mx, S7/nB. v1.00F
GomokuS7Laf 148kb 30/04/05 Gomoku colour graphics plug in for Psion Series 7/netBook
HomeRun 174kb 30/04/05 HomeRun is an addictive card solitaire – played with a standard pack of 52 cards
genetic 11kb 18/12/98 experiment with genetic algorithms
golfa501 26kb 09/04/99 golfer's assistant
golfcaddy5 385 09/11/98 golfer's utilities
golfc505 78kb 10/04/99 golfcard golfer's scoring package
golf5 20kb 14/03/98 golf card solitaire
Graverobber 19kb 19k Grave Robber is an old-school text adventure game
hangman 61kb 08/04/98 hangman
haran 393kb 20/01/00 samurai-based japanese business simulation
iching 76kb 21/05/99 consult the i ching
imperiumsis 194kb 08/03/99 imperium 'command and conquer' clone
inform 203kb 20/01/00 inform infocom game compiler
invaders 89kb 23/06/99 space invaders
Invasion 120kb 26/06/98 a graphics game falling under the 'Command & Conquer' genre
Invasion Color 60kb 07/11/03 Fritz Waechter generated a replacement colour icon and graphics patch for Invasion
jslogix 149kb 02/09/02 configurable mastermind variant
jugglingsim 6kb 10/10/03 juggling simulator
jumpy!p5 144kb 31/08/99 jumpy 'plus' platform game
klx5_100 111kb 02/05/98 klax arcade puzzle game
knightssw 9kb 28/01/99 knights game - puzzle based on chess knight moves
knockoutwhist 107kb 14/06/03 knockout whist card game
l5v210 128kb 14/08/99 lotto5 lottery manager
lbox10 14kb 27/07/98 lightbox: fast puzzle game
liquid 65kb 14/03/98 flashy novelty screen-saver
logjam 34kb 30/05/99 clock patience game
mages 152kb 10/12/03 battle of the mages game. strategy, d&d, etc.
mahjongg 79kb 07/02/01 the famous tile-collecting game
Master Mind 9kb 30/09/04 the classic Mastermind game using letters - 4, 6, or 8 different letters
3D Maze 23kb 21/10/98 is a freeware game for the Psion series 5/mx that lets you generate and solve mazes
mancala 11kb 21/01/00 logic game
matchpix 89kb 20/03/03 matchpix memory game
matience 114kb 27/07/00 mah-jong tile patience
m_mind5 9kb 20/06/98 mastermind
med099b2 55kb 05/12/98 medic level designer for many popular games
Mbornes5 103kb 28/12/98 Mbornes5 - by Fred Botton - is one of the original classic Psion Series 5 games.
Mbornes7 162kb 12/01/01 Mbornes7 is a larger screen colour adaption of Mbornes5
MbornesRevo 92kb 28/03/00 MbornesRevo is a smaller screen adaption of Mbornes5
Mind 27kb 16/09/99 Mind is a 'Mastermind' type game and was released
Montana 7 67kb 21/02/02 Montana card patience
Mosaic 187kb 17/10/99 an electronic version of the best known puzzle ever.
mis5def 92kb 31/05/99 mis5ile defense arcade game
memory5 74kb 28/10/97 memory game
mondopondoer3 242kb 06/04/01 mondo pondo multi-player quiz game
mondopondoer5 297kb 06/04/01 mondo pondo multi-player quiz game
mot100en 6kb 16/08/98 montana plug-in for solitaire deluxe
mrmatt 489kb 24/02/04 Boulder-heaving strategy game
mxastrocks 220kb 22/11/99 Asteroids-derived game for series 5mx
NoMan151 613kb 01/04/05 No Mans Land is a real time strategy game. It pits you and your army against the computer opponent.
nethack 1.118mb 13/06/03 nethack text-mode game
neuromax 125kb 07/02/01 simple logic game based on maths operators
oandx50 7kb 30/05/99 noughts and crosses
oedipus10 22kb 27/07/98 crossword player
onyxl 190kb 14/08/99 strategy and adventure game
orangutan100 94kb 08/03/99 novelty great ape that appears occasionally
othelov2 18kb 14/08/99 othello strategy game
pacman 213kb 09/09/00 the famous arcade game
papillons5 44kb 05/12/98 logical word game
Packman 7 272kb 31/07/00 The famous arcade game on the psion
pebbles 56kb 12/08/03 pebbles, a 'hop over' solitaire strategy game
pengoro 10kb 22/04/98 pengo ro arcade game
pe_pp100 10kb 10/10/98 psimple psimon memory game
pe_rf105 56kb 10/10/98 rockfall strategy game
pgballs 24kb 07/02/01 pgballs game
pgg 754kb 14/08/99 project galactic guide
pglines 24kb 07/02/01 pglines game
pipe5 8kb 08/04/98 slow pipemania clone
pipehisi 245kb 06/01/99 excellent pipemania puzzle clone
pktchess 82kb 29/02/00 pocket chess
poker4d5 136kb 21/10/97 ultimate poker
poker99 81kb 11/08/99 poker-based card solitaire
pontoon 26kb 30/05/99 the card game
P-plus-bridge 455kb 25/08/98 bridge
psaddle 94kb 22/08/01 numbers strategy game
psiball 60kb 04/06/01 ball-based arcade and strategy original
psibio 40kb 14/08/99 biorhythms calculator
psiblocks 117kb 28/06/00 tetris variant on steroids
psicards 379kb 27/09/00 ultimate epoc card game suite
psifrac 16kb 22/11/99 fractal generator
psitris 150kb 15/11/99 psitris game
psmd5 262kb 05/12/98 psisoccer manager 5-match
Psijong 7 226kb 07/05/02 the Brilliant MahJong tile puzzle game
puzzle 51kb 14/03/98 super puzzle engine
pyramid 30kb 21/01/00 pyramid card solitaire
quad 88kb 27/09/00 marble strategy game
quake 7kb 10/08/98 novel earthquake-measurer
raceform 22kb 26/03/99 race form cracker- gambler's aid
rally 257kb 09/09/00 top-down rally racing game
rebound 6kb 22/08/01 original arcade/strategy mix, control a dipping line as it rebounds around
revertris 7 466kb 22/10/00 Tetris derived strategy game
Reversi 11kb 07/02/01 Reversi from EpocWare in 2000 was given away for free
RMRBoxx 82kb 14/03/02 RMR Boxx crate-shoving game
rmrbox 7 84kb 14/03/02 RMR Boxx crate-shoving game
rmrfruit20 78kb 10/08/99 rmr fruit machine
rmrgolf 93kb 30/05/00 golf solitaire
rmrmontana 91kb 30/05/00 montana solitaire
rmrreverse 136kb 27/07/00 reversi
rmrrevertris 277kb 27/09/00 Tile-placing strategy game based on tetris tiles
rmrsnake 31kb 27/07/00 snake game clone
rmrsol 107kb 30/05/00 proper solitaire
rmrxword 69kb 30/05/00 crossword playing suite
roller 33kb 05/12/98 comprehensive dice rolling system
rpgdice 42kb 31/05/99 Dice-roller for strategy games
S5-din 178kb 09/07/98 dinozone strategy game
s5-bjack 184kb 27/06/00 black jack game
s5-lem 159kb 27/06/00 lunar entry module
s5-light 62kb 27/07/00 light cycles
s5-pjong 110kb 02/09/02 psi-jong tile-matching game


132kb 19/11/97 robodungeon game
s5-rever        102kb 23/10/98 reversi
s5-sh-11 40kb 14/0897 shanghai game
s5-trix         67kb 28/06/00 tiletrix game
s5-war          139kb 27/07/00 war strategy game
s5connect 3kb 30/07/97 connect 4 game
s5dia 28kb 02/01/98 diamonds arcade adventure
s5dun1-1        59kb 24/08/97 dungeons/doom style adventure
s5golfpro 355kb 02/09/02 golf-pro
s5hear11 40kb 02/10/97 hearts solitaire game
s5poker1 57kb 28/07/97 video poker freeware game
SameGame 41kb 10/02/04 Max Westen's adaption of Cascade and included by Psion in the revo's ROM
sokoban 11kb 19/10/99 Your objective is to put the objects into the marked places
smuggers 185kb 06/12/02 maze arcade game
smuggers 7 247kb 15/09/02 Maze arcade game
5outhpark 344kb 11/10/99 South Park novelties
scannons 32kb 11/03/99 scorched cannons artillery game
senet 368kb 07/01/04 the ancient egyptian game
sgo100en 5kb 14/03/98 golf solitaire for the solitaire deluxe game engine
shb100en 38kb 16/08/98 swimsuit backdrops for solitaire deluxe
simon 22kb 22/11/99 simon memory game
skirunb1 50kb 08/01/99 ski run
slated 63kb 22/08/01 sliding tile puzzle
snake 62kb 26/10/98 the snake's back
solit 7kb 10/04/98 simple solitaire
solitairedx 154kb 29/02/00 solitaire deluxe cardplaying system
space_exodus 22kb 22/11/99 space themed puzzle
splitter 9kb 22/08/01 counter-dropping strategy game
spy100en 7kb 14/03/98 pyramids solitaire for the solitaire deluxe game engine
ss103 46kb 16/02/98 seastrike battleships game
stardate 272kb 27/07/00 space trading game
stb5v10 18kb 01/07/97 stb freeware dice game
stereovu_s5 37kb 28/01/99 stereogram (3d) viewer
strife 149kb 02/09/02 multi-scenario turn-based strategy game
strippoker 30kb 04/06/01 strip poker
succ-v11 5kb 11/03/99 Dice-rolling game aid
target 39kb 05/08/99 Gun-shooting game
tddomlink 20kb 12/12/00 dominoes, the epoc way
tdfive 16kb 12/12/00 five in a row
tdoxo3d 27kb 07/02/01 noughts and crosses in 3 dimensions
tdreversi 19kb 12/12/00 reversi, the classic game
Terrace 41kb 19/06/99 Terrace is a solitaire type card game simular to Klondike
terraforce 163kb 06/04/03 Doom-style 3d blaster, with tanks
terraforce 7 230kb 06/04/03 Doom-style 3D blaster, with tanks!
Theole 153kb 30/04/05 Purple Software's Reversi
Theoles 7 392kb 30/04/05 Reversi colour graphics plug in for the Psion Series 7/netBook.
tilefall 97kb 30/05/00 Tile-fall strategy game
Tilefall 7 66kb 18/11/99 Puzzle/strategy game
Trix 7 76kb 05/11/00 Best Described as a cross betweenshangji and tetris, nice graphics
vexed 594kb 23/04/01 huge puzzle game
vpoker 21k 28/11/97 video poker
wall 167kb 06/12/02 breakout arcade clone
went 55kb 21/01/00 go implementation
wiat 256kb 10/12/03 war in ancient times strategy game
WildReels 145kb 18/02/98 Fruit machine game
Wrippers 223kb 08/09/99 adventure type game
wordbox 68kb 19/08/98 boggle
worm101 14kb 26/10/98 snake game
Widget 377kb 19/01/05 suite of games includes Bandit, Castle, Chomper, Palmtris, Poker, Solo, & Reversi
Widget Revo 145kb 22/01/05 As per above but sized for the revo/revo plus/mako.
Wombat 45kb 21/12/99 a simple gambling game. The aim of the game is to bet money on wombats
Yacht 63kb 30/04/05 Purple Software Yahtzee
yatzee 13kb 17/09/97 yahtzee dice game
yoyo 52kb 12/11/99 yo-yo reference
zheroes 298kb 18/10/01 terrain-based rpg
zork1 60kb 20/10/97 adventure game for frotz infocom player
zork2 65kb 16/02/98 sequel to zork game for frotz infocom player

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