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File Size Date Format Description
4 U.S 23kb 17/09/06 Word Biographies of the last 4 U.S. Presidents
4 Doctor 46kb 08/11/02 Data 4 Doctor Who Databases
4 Doctor 44kb 08/11/00 Dbf s3 4 Doctor Who files as above but Series 3 Format
94 lawyer 19kb 22/09/00 Word 94 Lawyer Jokes
90's 4kb 30/11/00 Word Had too much of the 90's
Alphabet 53kb 27/11/01 Data alphabet in Phonetic,Morse,Braille,Semaphore and Sign Language
Amendments 14kb 22/11/00 Word Amendments of the Constitution of the United States (Series 3 & 5)
Admired 3kb 05/11/00 Word Top 100 Companies
Australian 7kb 16/09/00 Word Australian Banking' History
Bad Day 5kb 18/11/00 Word Bad Day - 2 amusing/sick but true stories
bloke 4kb 18/09/06 Word 'Why It's Great To Be A Bloke
bb2-psion 48kb 22/09/01 Word Big Brother 2 day by day Diary
Blair 5kb 12/12/00 Word Tony Blair Biography
Beatles 11kb 11/09/00 Word Beatles Discography
Billy Fury 8kb 09/09/01 Word Billy Fury Discography
David Bowie 3kb 23/10/01 Word David Bowie Discography (series 3 & 5)
Blair 14kb 02/11/99 TCR Blair Witch
BT 3kb 22/09/00 Data BT Number Change Information
Buffy 22kb 23/01/00 TCR Buffy The Vampire Slayer Episode Guide
Chaplin 27kb 07/09/00 Word Charlie Chaplin Filmography
Consumer 7kb 25/09/00 Data Consumer Helpline Database
Constitution 20kb 22/11/00 Word Constitution of the United States (Series 3 & 5)
Civil Rights 8kb 08/11/00 Word A Guide to Civil Rights
Carpenters 12kb 22/10/00 Word Carpenters Discography
Currencies 120kb 24/09/00 Word Currencies of the World
courtroom 49kb 07/12/00 Word Courtroom Humour
eddie murphy 3 5kb 13/08/01 Word Eddie Murphy Biography
eddie murphy 5 5kb 07/08/01 Word Eddie Murphy Biography
HumorVersi 71kb 29/09/00 Jotter HumorVersi very funny
Hubble 9kb 27/10/00 Word History of the Hubble Telescope
5 darwin 6kb 01/04/01 Word 5 More Darwin Awards
darwin 6kb 08/03/01 Word The latest Darwin Awards
Dark Star 93kb 30/10/00 Word Dark Star Script
Declaration 11kb 22/11/00 Word Declaration of Independance (Series 3 & 5)
dentist jokes 11kb 07/12/00 Word Dentists Jokes
doctors jokes 54kb 07/12/00 Word Doctors Humour
dicomar5 26kb 13/12/00 Data French to English Nautical terms dictionary
Dukes 3kb 05/11/00 Word Dukes of Hazzard Episode Guide
Dawsons 58kb 01/08/00 Word Dawsons Creek episodes
dbstockc 27kb 06/05/99 Data Stock Optimization Data file
Destinys Child 3kb 07/08/01 Word Destinys Child Discography (series 3 & 5)
Female 8kb 29/11/00 Word Female Guiness Book of Records very sexist- very funny
filofax 4kb 25/02/01 Word Filofax- A Brief History
Forrest Gump 7kb 11/11/00 Word Forrest Gump Unusual Movie Facts
Farming 8kb 08/10/00 Data Farming Reference Database
French 20kb 29/09/00 Data General Accounting Plan in French
Generations 85kb 15/12/00 Jotter Star Trek T.N.G. Episode Guide
Graffiti 87kb 30/10/00 Word Graffiti Bridge
Tom Hanks 10kb 01/11/00 Word Tom Hanks Biography & Filmography
Helen Hunt 9kb 01/11/00 Word Helen Hunt Biography & Filmography
Int 20kb 22/09/00 Word International Dialling Codes
ind p Ministers 4kb 11/11/00 Word Indian Prime Ministers
inventions 28kb 27/10/01 Data Inventions Database (over 300 entries)
Jack Nicholson 4kb 30/11/00 Word Jack Nicholson Filmography/Biography
kells 37kb 17/03/01 Data Clipart from The Book of Kells
Kings 7kb 07/10/01 Data Database of English Kings & Queens
Kings Sco 5kb 22/10/01 Data Database of Scottish Kings & Queens
Kings - queens 4kb 22/10/01 Sheet Kings & Queens Timeline
law humour 22kb 17/12/00 Word Law Humour
LostinSpace 15kb 21/02/02 Data Lost In Space Episode Guide
Leonard Cohen 30kb 10/09/00 Word Leonard Cohen Discography
Marriage 71kb 04/10/00 Data Why You Should Not Get Married
Male 8kb 18/09/00 Word Male Language Patterns - hilarious!
Mobile 17kb 21/10/01 Word History of the Mobile Phone
Mileage 1kb 25/09/00 Sheet Business Mileage Calculator
Morsecode 17kb 17/03/01 word A database of cockney rhyming slang
num2word 3kb 19/11/00 Sheet A computation module which turn numbers into an english
Nicholas 8kb 17/09/06 Word Nicholas Copernicus Biography
names 44kb 18/10/01 Word Over 1300 meanings of second names
Numbers 5kb 09/12/00 Word First 1,000 Prime Numbers
Nobel   14/11/00 Word Nobel Prize Winners
Ologies 39kb 27/10/01 Data Ologies Database
Online 8kb 10/09/99 Word Online Banking Article
organisations 1kb 08/10/00 Word Top 100 Companies
Pasta 2kb 24/10/01 Data Pasta Database
popes 8kb 05/11/01 Data All the Popes since 32AD
Phonograph 9kb 08/11/00 Word A History of the Phonograph
patrons 133kb 27/10/01 Data Database of Patron Saints (over 1300)
Prince Phillip 3kb 18/09/00 Word The Wit & Wisdom Of Prince Phillip
Pc 4kb 05/11/00 Word Top 100 Computer Companies
pbstckb 27kb 14/07/99 Data Powerbase Stock Optimization
R Dangerfield 3kb 18/09/00 Word Rodney Dangerfield's Best One-Liners
ResEvil2 29kb 07/03/99 Word 'Resident Evil 2' walkthrough
ronald 14kb 17/09/06 Word Ronald Reagan Biography
Radiohead 3kb 16/09/00 Word Radiohead Discography
Spice Girls 17kb 22/09/00 Word Spice Girls Discography
scinotn 8kb 10/10/99 Data Scientific Notation Symbols
Sound 35kb 08/11/00 Word Sound Recording and Reproduction
Slangdictionary 18kb 21/10/01 Data A database of cockney rhyming slang
Stargate 70kb 23/11/00 Word Stargate Episode Guide
Taxi 71kb 18/03/01 Word Taxi Driver Script
Telecom 36kb 16/09/00 Word History of the Telecoms Industry
Telephone 30kb 21/11/00 Word History of the Telephone
Thelma 67kb 18/03/01 Word Thelma & Louise Script
Universities 57kb 21/11/00 Word Complete list of British Universites
uk p Ministers 2kb 11/11/00 Word British Prime Ministers
U.S. Pres 4kb 11/11/00 Word U.S. Presidents
unitconv 2kb 19/11/00 Sheet Unit conversion spreadsheet. Converts length, weight, volume, area
Voyager 38kb 15/12/00 Jotter Star Trek Voyager Episode Guide
Waltons 65kb 16/09/00 Word The Waltons Episode Guide
Waltons Cast 9kb 14/08/99 Word The Walton' Cast Members
john woo 11kb 31/05/01 Data John Woo Filmography
winnie history 19kb 22/09/06 Word The History of Winnie the Pooh
William 4kb 17/09/06 Word William Hague Biography
Wonder 31kb 06/09/99 Word Years episodes
Worldwide 5kb 05/11/00 Data Top 20 Organisations Worlwide
Zodiac 7kb 10/11/01 Data Information about the zodiac

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