Psion epoc Utilities
Series 5 and 5mx, plus compatibles such as the Ericsson MC218

File Size Date Description
2connectu 795kb 25/01/05 2 Connect U file transfer and conversion utility - uses TCP/IP
3t_504 13kb 03/03/98 File manager/viewer
5creen 28kb 12/11/99 Screen-saver engine
5talk_v105 170kb 31/08/99 Speaking clock on power-up
ad10 20kb 09/03/99 Agenda Dump utility
agnclean 19kb 18/10/01 Selective pruning of Agenda files, removing certain entries only
agndump 20kb 20/01/00 Agenda files to filtered plain text Dump
agnprint 24kb 18/10/01 Prints off Agenda files
alarmplus 104kb 02/09/02 Alarm/system settings master utility
ascii2 5kb 07/10/97 ASCII character browser
assistant 235kb 15/11/99 System screen assistant, utilities etc
asu 16kb 08/01/99 Auto-Start-Up utility
audioplayer 59kb 06/12/02 MP3 Audio player for all Psion palmtops
backup 72kb 02/09/02 Backup tool for daily backups to CF card
batcheck 36kb 15/11/99 Battery voltage checker
battery 36kb 27/06/00 Battery status utility
beamtopsion 18kb 02/09/02 utility to improve beaming ability
bencrypt 23kb 04/06/01 encryption/decryption utility, 128-bit strength
bg204b 21kb 09/06/99 battery gauge system
bigtimem 143kb 09/04/99 speaking clock
bjc80-er3       9kb 18/10/01 series 5 print driver for canon bjc80
bjc80-er5       9kb 18/10/01 epoc release 5 print driver for canon bjc80
bleepmix 11kb 23/06/99 sound file merger/editor
blplus21 163kb 02/05/98 backlite plus
btchk10 5kb 24/08/97 battery-checking utility
busyv32 57kb 16/11/00 busyview (3-view) agenda add-on, comes with free registration code
c2f 13kb 12/12/00 contacts-to-file exporter
capsview 17kb 10/08/99 displays capslock state in corner of the screen
chadis 39kb 06/04/01 charging display utility for revo users, also with series 7 version
charmap 5kb 28/01/99 special character clipboard insertion tool
cleanitg 65kb 16/11/00 series 5 system clean-up utility
cleanit 66kb 07/02/01 series 5mx/revo/series 7 system clean-up utility
cleanme 5kb 15/11/99 deactivates auto-on touchscreen problems when cleaning the screen
clipboardhistory 33kb 01/06/04 keep a store of everything placed on your clipboard
clipit 28kb 22/08/01 clips commonly needed text snippets in and out of the clipboard
clock5 273kb 12/12/00 large-digit clock (passworded) screen saver and night-clock
clock5d 152kb 04/08/99 large-digit clock (passworded) (german version)
clock5f 155kb 04/08/99 large-digit clock (passworded) (french version)
clock5i 393kb 15/11/99 large-digit clock (passworded) (italian version)
clock5n 269kb 29/02/00 large-digit clock (passworded) (norwegian version)
clock5nl 160kb 21/05/99 large-digit clock (passworded) (dutch version
clock5cz 157kb 28/01/99 large-digit clock (passworded) (czech version)
clock5fin 232kb 28/01/99 large-digit clock (passworded) (finnish version)
clock5s 322kb 15/11/99 large-digit clock (passworded) (swedish version)
clokswp 8kb 16/11/00 revo utility to auto-switch clock and date displays
cmerge 10kb 22/08/01 merge fields from contacts into another document
codesafe 50kb 18/10/01 codesafe password storage system
colormagicdemo 31kb 27/07/00 change the system colour scheme on the series 7 and netbook
comm11 25kb 09/04/99 commander file manager
compactor 30kb 27/06/00 database compactor
compact 57kb 02/09/02 good database compactor
con5pro 88kb 30/05/00 convert 5 pro shareware units convertor
cont5ep 12kb 28/01/99 screen contrast manager
contactloader 22kb 18/10/01 contacts-aid for switching data sets
contrast 12kb 30/05/99 contrast controller
convertdata 95kb 29/02/00 data to contacts migrator
converter 37kb 23/06/99 units conversion utility
converti 12kb 30/03/98 quick and efficient units convertor
convertpro 70kb 04/01/04 convertpro units convertor (originally released by purple software)
countsigns 15kb 07/02/01 counts words, punctuation, etc. in word files
crontab090 17kb 10/09/98 scheduling utility for running macros and programs at any time
crypto 78kb 29/02/00 encryption tool
cxm-er3 4kb 04/06/01 canon extended mode printer driver for er3
cxm-er5 4kb 04/06/01 canon extended mode printer driver for er5
datacontact 17kb 20/01/00 imports data files into contacts
datafilemanager 24kb 16/11/00 merge and compare separate data files
daycount 4kb 20/01/00 daycount day calculator
dcpener3 148kb 07/02/01 desktop/control panel alternative desktop interface
dcpen 1.01mb 04/06/01 desktop/control panel alternative desktop interface
dcpfr 148kb 07/02/01 desktop/control panel alternative desktop interface (french version, er5)
dcpfrer3 147kb 07/02/01 desktop/control panel alternative desktop interface french version
defrag5 9kb 21/05/99 memory 'defragmenter'
desktop 51kb 02/02/98 desktop utilities plus
dstedit 69kb 02/10/97 text file manager and editor
easynote 29kb 02/05/98 easynote jotter app.
ebc 12kb 02/09/02 utility to patch extrabars to run in colour on the s7/netbook
editor 49kb 27/07/00 fully fledged symbian text editor
edu 296kb 25/01/05 old essential disk utilities app, including cf update
encryptit 107kb 22/08/01 file encryption/decryption
enotem 103kb 06/12/02 mp3 recorder, allows compressed recordings and alarms
eplaym 182kb 06/12/02 command line mp3 player
epocbackup 261kb 22/08/01 backup tool, producing compressed archives on cf disk or ftp site
epocdos 67kb 22/08/01 dos-style command line utilities
epocsync 71kb 23/04/01 epoc sync - keep two epoc palmtops in perfect sync!
epoctools 22kb 10/03/99 a few extra utilities
etaskmgr 149kb 12/04/04 etaskmgr, an improved system task list/manager
exab 180kb 18/10/01 extend abbeviations and other fabulous text utilities
extrabars 177kb 15/11/99 extrabars shortcut/launcher
extrbat 10kb 25/05/98 displays battery status in extras bar
fastbackup 218kb 28/04/05 bomb proof backup utility
favdat5 3kb 30/05/99 shortcut to favourite data file
ferreta11en 52kb 09/07/98 ferret file finder and searcher
filelink 15kb 11/03/99 short-cuts, win95-style, to documents
fileswitchv210 9kb 09/04/99 win 95 style alt-tab switching
find 17kb 21/10/97 file finder utility
fiveplay 20kb 23/06/99 multiple sound file player
flashback 49kb 14/03/00 cf backup utility, with profiles
freecrypt 11kb 08/10/02 another encryption utility
freemem 7kb 15/11/99 memory defragmenter
hints 12kb 30/05/99 power-up handy hints and tips
hol5 150kb 30/05/99 holiday generator for agenda
hotkeys 160kb 30/05/99 hot-keys, a task-switcher, macro system and background
hotkeys-s7      160kb 30/05/99 "hot-keys", series 7/netbook version
iconpatcher 39kb 11/11/03 Patch your series 7 or netbook's icons to all use colour
intel10 6kb 04/08/97 inteliscrn (controls backlight/contrast)
irsend5 33kb 17/08/97 lets s3c/siena send files to series 5 over infrared
irsend5a 26kb 23/08/97 lets series 5 talk to pc over infrared
jb5launch 23kb 09/03/99 application launcher, tidies up the extras bar
jb5sg119 15kb 09/03/99 jb stop go - closes apps down and reopens after a backup
jb5utils 35kb 08/01/99 jb utilities (find, dupes, space etc)
jotpad 74kb 07/02/01 adds agenda-entry buttons to system screen and more
jsbattery 89kb 15/04/05 advanced battery monitoring/management system
keydirect 35kb 11/11/03 silk-screen keypress redirection to other apps if needed
klip 14kb 22/08/01 clipboard enhancement utility - 12 slots for commonly needed text
link 9kb 30/05/99 link manager
linkswitch 11kb 18/01/00 remote link manager
lister 3kb 22/08/01 macro-based utility to store text strings for later retrieval
lnkonoff 36kb 09/04/99 extras bar access to the remote link dialog
locker 26kb 15/11/99 system password activation after certain period
macro5 116kb 15/11/99 the famous macro5 freeware macro system, er3 version for series 5 classic
macro5-er5 95kb 01/06/04 macro5 again, this time in a version for er5 palmtops, the series 5mx & 7
magickeys 200kb 02/09/02 multiple clipboard and pasting utility
mam 35kb 21/09/04 menus and more, utility package
marker 94kb 30/05/00 bookmarking facility for the system screen
maths 2kb 31/07/98 maths utility add-on to convertpro
mci 10kb 12/01/99 minimalist contrast indicator
menus5 162kb 18/10/01 program launcher and short-cut tool (5/5mx version)
menus5r 157kb 18/10/01 program launcher and short-cut tool (revo version)
menus5s7 168kb 18/10/01 program launcher and short-cut tool (series 7 version)
merlin 163kb 30/05/00 foreground keystroke and interface assistant
meter 69kb 10/08/99 general purpose timing/countdown utility
mgkey103 68kb 14/08/99 magickeys auto-text system and clipboard enhancer
minicalc 92kb 27/06/00 pop-up calculator over other apps
minicalc2 5kb 12/12/00 pop-up calculator over other apps
mm21 41kb 05/08/99 monthmanager agenda add-on
moonclock 20kb 14/06/03 puts phase of the moon into your epoc toolbar's clock area
multicontacts 144kb 25/01/05 maintain multiple contacts files, freeware
mute5 8kb 20/01/00 turn off system sounds with one tap
mxcontacts 10kb 11/08/99 data to contacts migrator utility
n104lt 23kb 09/11/98 note-it lite jotter tool
narchive 76kb 22/08/01 narchive file and folder compression tool
navpro3 19kb 27/07/98 navigator add-on
nconvert 418kb 21/09/04 for converting different document and image types
nconvert-colour 412kb 21/09/04 colour (s7) version of nconverter
ndcode 8kb 12/09/03 encodes/decodes text strings
nightclock 35kb 22/01/00 foreground clock for night-use
nightkeys_v2 30kb 21/05/99 night-keys on-screen keyboard
nomore 12kb 27/05/98 custom hiding of specific items on extras bar
norganiser 135kb 02/09/02 today-view for the series 5/5mx etc
noteplan 30kb 29/02/00 post-it notes on your psion
nswitcher 37kb 27/09/00 task switcher
numlock 18kb 22/11/99 number key keyboard enhancement
opendoc 3kb 02/09/02 assign a specific document to the extras bar
openweb 3kb 02/09/02 assign a specific web page to the extras bar
opxscan 87kb 02/09/02 utility to check and analyse installed opxes
pbcalc 5kb 23/04/01 floating point calculator
pcl5-er5 8kb 04/06/01 replacement hp printer driver for er5 palmtops
pcre 22kb 21/09/04 pc regular expressions utility, port from unix
plbeam 353kb 19/11/03 great irobex extender, allowing standard epoc palmtops to exchange
plopen 18kb 02/09/02 allowing any filename extension to be associated with any application
pnplus 13kb 20/05/98 add-on for navigator to allow link/battery operations
postit 120kb 25/01/05 post-it notes for your psion
printers 12kb 06/01/99 official add-on series 5 printer drivers
ps-er3 13kb 29/02/00 postscript driver for series 5 classic, etc.
ps-er5 15kb 06/12/02 postscript driver for series 5mx/revo, etc.
psibatt 28kb 21/01/00 better battery monitoring
psion 12kb 08/03/99 psi-on utility for doing things after switch-on
psioncommander 408kb 11/11/03 norton commander clone for file management
psiwallpaper 313kb 27/06/00 wallpaper-rotator
pslight5 17kb 31/08/99 more intelligent backlight and contrast control
quoteon 25kb 22/11/99 quote utility
quiklist 44kb 16/11/00 quick list-maker utility
quiklistrevo 44kb 16/11/00 quick list-maker utility (revo version)
quicknote 16kb 14/08/99 graphical quick-jotter
quicksuite 14kb 09/06/99 sound, link and backlight shortcuts
quicktask 7kb 08/01/99 yet another task switcher
qv5_105 16kb 03/03/98 quick viewer file utility
realtime 23kb 30/05/99 time-related utilities
recentdocs 91kb 23/06/99 shortcuts to recent documents used
reclaim 57kb 18/10/01 reclaim wasted space in databases
recycle 179kb 22/11/99 recycle bin
recyclebindemo 54kb 16/11/00 recycle bin, integrated into system screen
remapper 30kb 08/04/98 keyboard remapping tool
reminder 40kb 27/06/00 reminds you each day of items that need attention
remotelink5 8kb 09/04/99 auto-turns off your remote link on power-up
restart 9kb 08/01/99 restarts apps after backup
restart_epocware 6kb 27/09/00 reboot your palmtop in emergencies
restartrevo_epocware 6kb 27/09/00 reboot your palmtop in emergencies (revo version)
revnote 39kb 22/08/01 post-it note-taker/scribble pad for psion revo
revosnd 2kb 23/04/01 sound file player for revo
rmrautotext 208kb 02/09/02 text assistant, offering multiple clipboard etc
rmrfile 180kb 22/11/99 multi-window file manager
rmrmonth 97kb 09/04/99 month-at-a-time viewer/week planner
rmrnotes 150kb 29/02/00 professional jotter/note-taker utility
rmrtext 75kb 21/01/00 text/hex editor utility
rmrutils 174kb 24/05/00 conversion and other handy utilities
rt01 4kb 18/08/98 small text reading utility
runexe 3kb 02/09/02 utility to aid launching a command line exe from the extras bar
s5faq 19kb 20/07/98 series 5 frequently asked questions
s5mboles 82kb 27/07/00 macro-based symbol insertion in documents
saveit 7kb 16/11/00 backup/archive utility for named files
securedrive 192kb 12/04/04 keep confidential files tucked away on encrypted, hidden virtual disks!
setscreen 7kb 22/11/99 aid to setting screen contrast
sh5_21b2 69kb 08/03/99 shell5 command line interpreter
shortcut 114kb 28/02/99 windows 95-style document shortcuts on a s5
signat 5kb 10/10/98 utility to insert signatures in your emails
simplicity 96kb 20/01/00 graphic backdrop and plugin utility
skey 55kb 07/02/01 s/key one-time-password system
sleeper 17kb 12/08/97 yet another back-light controller
slides1 2kb 28/08/97 slide-show - displays .mbm (epoc picture) files
smartbar 66kb 22/11/99 stay on top' toolbar to speed your way round epoc
smartfind 54kb 12/12/00 search in documents for combinations of text strings
sndonoff 36kb 11/03/99 turns sound on or off with one pen tap
sound5 3kb 21/01/00 plays sound file at turn-on
soundtrans 112kb 24/05/00 all-purpose sound conversion tool
spellok 10kb 18/10/01 spell checks words in selected text strings
spellx 4kb 02/09/02 switches between different language spelling dictionaries/thesaurii
squash 10kb 30/05/99 compacts database and agenda files
start5 17kb 31/07/98 start5 taskbar and launcher utility
startupwizard 4kb 08/01/99 startup wizard - plugin for shortcut wizard
startup 83kb 20/01/00 startup document launcher
stat1 11kb 20/10/97 stationery pad templating utility
stationclock 16kb 26/01/04 world time utility
status11 18kb 03/03/98 backlight/status/control utility
sticker 8kb 10/09/97 another power-on utility
stickies 72kb 21/05/99 post-it notes on your series 5
stickykeys 24kb 25/01/05 sticky keys server for epoc and control panel
stopw50 3kb 21/05/99 accurate stop watch
stupp207 17kb 28/08/97 startup plus utility, monitors memory, resources, backlight etc
swatch 7kb 10/09/97 stop watch
sweet13 17kb 10/11/98 sweet dreams - tell the time using the led
swmacros 445kb 30/05/99 a huge collection of macros
switchon 135kb 27/06/00 activities at palmtop switch-on
switchon_netbook 248kb 16/11/00 activities at palmtop switch-on
symbiont 26kb 27/06/00 collection of macro-orientated utilities
symlink 141kb 24/05/00 symbolic object link add in for folders, applications and urls
sysback 30kb 29/02/00 system screen settings restorer
tasman 43kb 02/09/02 sorted overview of all agenda to-dos
teddy_07 4kb 16/02/98 text editor
thedialler 12kb 22/11/99 replacement for the built in epoc networking phone dialler
theslink 23kb 12/11/99 thesaurus hot-key link
to3 10kb 09/11/98 s5 agenda to s3 agenda conversion utility
toggle 42kb 16/11/00 toggle serial link and/or sound off and on
tools 49kb 15/11/99 enhanced task manager, with plugins
utilities 178kb 27/07/00 general utilities
vcal 21kb 23/04/01 vcal conversion, to and from epoc agenda
veuilleur 164kb 08/01/99 french-language utility suite
virtualkeys 11kb 20/03/03 macro-based virtual keyboard
vmemo1 74kb 09/11/98 agenda-integrated reminder utility
voiceman5 80kb 16/11/00 manages recorded voice notes
Olda's wallpapers 898kb 29/01/08 A nice set of Screen for the Psion 7 by Olda
wallpaperman 53kb 02/09/02 the ultimate system screen wallpaper manager
watchdoguk 38kb 02/09/02 battery and alarm monitor
wiggly 7kb 27/07/98 wiggly worm link indicator utility
winepoc 418kb 10/10/03 windows-like front end for epoc
writeit105 27kb 14/08/99 handwriting recognition utility
xtralink 10kb 03/03/98 extras bar short-cut alternative
xtras_m         149kb 25/01/05 alternative app launcher system, including icon sets for 5mx/s7/revo
zexe 93kb 26/01/04 utility for compressing parts of c++-compiled applications
zipmanager 166kb 23/04/01 all-singing zip file manager

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