This page outline's some of the programs that I have worked on

Mapper Ireland

This is where I started to do things for other Psion users. When I first looked at this program it looked completely wrong, It looked to squarish for me and I knew I had to alter it.

I started on the project using my a 3a because I did not have a PC (Later a 3c) in January 1997.

I redrew all the major data bases, which involved six months of countless hours plotting each grid reference for the Coast line of Ireland the Place Names and the Roads. It was the last major release for both the 3 series, then later the other Psions and was release in June 1997 during a Psion gathering in the Sun Public House in Reading.

Download here

Psi-Mapper/Ireland v2.2 for Series 5/5mx

Psi-Mapper/Ireland v2.0 for Series 3a/3c/3mx

Mapper London

After I redrew the main overlays for Mapper Ireland I then started to concentrate my efforts on Mapper London.
Where I worked getting it to incorporate the M25.

Download here

Psi-Mapper/London 3.1 for Psion Series 5/5mx

Psi-Mapper/London v2.2 for Psion 3a/c/Mx

I later turned my energy to some overlays for Palmtop BV now called tom tom)
where I did about 30 overlays in total but here are the ones I still maintain

Feel free to ask me for an overlay if you want it and If its not currently available i will try to assist UK Only.

April 2002

A simple spreadsheet that I made whilst in Belgium and France that will connvert 9 different calculations add them up and convert them into Currancies of the countries that use the Euro as well as the English pound.Bioeddie's Euro Calc

Uk Number Ones Singles
50th Anniversary
1st December 2002
To commemorate the last 50 years of the British hit singles I have produced a list off all the number one singles in excel format for the Psion.

Uk Top 40
Nov 1952 - January 2006

Sunday 22 January 2006

The Files below are the top 40 for Microsoft Access 2003
the files below if you wish can be converted to Psion format (if you wish to have then converted ask me)

Uk Number ones 1026 Entries

If you would like to use any of the top 40 encrypted zip files please contact me

Lotto 5

I then worked on the Lotto 5 Records file for Mian Gardener which you can freely down load the update files from here..

1000th Records file update to 23 July 2005

You Can also download Lotto5 Here.

What im working on now Bioeddie's Biorhythm Program .

Bioeddie's Comments made July 2005

12 July 2005

The BBC Comments

14 July 2005

The Epoc City Comments

University Years From HNC - Degree With Honors

21 January 2003

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Whilst at the newport university we did this assignmet which is a excel html web site. all the information is stored in a excel file whilst the web site allows the information to be seen

15th March 2003


A Visual basic program which i did for a VB Project, I designed it to test the knowledge of people that work with either the Macromedia Studio or Microsoft office programs. I have included the msvbvm60.dll file which you may also need to run this program.
13 Decemeber 2004

Time Sheet
The Time Sheet This was my Program which i did whilst on the degree course at Mid Glamorgan University we did two things in our Visual Basic Module and this was the first piece of the course work

3 May 2005

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The Heather Hill Holiday Camp This was my Asp Web site that i did whilst on the degree course at Mid Glamorgan University we did two things in our Visual Basic Module and this was the second piece of the course work

10 January 2006

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Also doing the same degree course we did this module called Internet & Web Development our first assignment was this web site.


2nd May 2006

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This was the 2nd piece of couse work that i did in the web Developement, this time we had to build a photo blog in php and sql.
Many things will be added to this section when i have found the source files or carried out more work to this area
If you would like to be added to this to these pages please contact me

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